LOCALE-area converted 6-16 rendering

A 7,000 sq. ft. facility appropriately located in the heart of the theater district, THE WING will serve as a flagship to the Buffalo dance community giving agency to its diverse and vibrant activities with two spacious, light-filled studios for classes, rehearsals, etc., that convert into a single, larger space for performances seating between 100-125.


As a physical space, THE WING’s design and construction

will be dedicated to the express demands and pathways of the dance form.  As the anchor resident of  THE WING and an institutional voice for professional dance, the activities and platforms of area danscompany will reflect the systems and practices in professional dance through both independent programming and strategic partnerships. Additionally, whether area constituents identify as a recreational or professional dancemaker,  program and service offerings will be tailored to addresses the universal needs across descriptors.


Operationally, THE WING will offer a weekly schedule of open classes from dance to fitness to wellness available to the public,

along with its space available for rental for public/private events, activities, etc. 


The build-out of THE WING is currently proposed in four (4) phases:

I) studios (~ 3,000 sq. ft.)

II) dedicated admin (~ 1,000 sq. ft.)

III) movement education (~1,250 sq. ft.)

IV) resource lab (~ 750 sq. ft.)


THE WING  converted for performances

THE WING - complete build out proposal