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My pedagogy is one that approaches Pilates first and foremost as a Practice - with a capital "P".  It is a Practice because one never just does Pilates, one is always practicing Pilates.  My teaching pedgogy emphsizes the values of precision, purpose, intention, and integrity. It is on-going, continuous, and progressive.  Each time you resume your practice, it is not to merely repeat what you did the previous time, but to further develop its depth, breadth, and clarity.

I have been teaching Pilates since 1998, fully-certified in the Stott and Pilates Academy International (PAI) systems of Pilates.  I have been a teacher-trainer for PAI since they launched their instructor-certification program in 2006. My credentials include: Barnard College of Columbia University, Equinox Fitness Clubs |NYC & Chicago, (the former) Reebok Sports Club/NY (recently acquired by Equinox), Pilates on Fifth |NYC, Kinected |NYC, Harmony Mind*Body*Fitness |Chicago, Stretch Pilates |Buffalo, among others.  

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