b&w dancers ascending quartet

Like everything in the arts, Jump on the DanceWagon (J/DW) is an experiment.  

J/DW is an experiment in presenting dance in a way that is

intended to be artist-centric in serving the appetites of audiences :


~ Creatively, the only limit imposed on the artist/company is time.

Each artist/company is permitted to present 20 minutes

of  his/her/their work in any arrangement s/he/they choose -

i.e., four 5-minute pieces; two 10-minutes pieces;  one 20-minute piece, etc.

hint: ASK ME WHY


Presently, in order to continue J/DW's activities and advance the mission of J/DW,

institutional partners are sought who posses visibility and resources

than can support the further cultivation of J/DW's programming.


ABOUT Jump on the DanceWagon: