b&w four dancers - JUMP

area danscompany


  Guided by the fundamental spirit, traditions, and tenets

  of American modern dance, area danscompany provides

  opportunities for education, creation, presentation, and

  community-building from the dance form perspective

  through classes, workshops, events, and performances

  in service of the recreational to professional dancer,

  dance advocates and patrons, and area’s constituents

  and stakeholders.


Based in Buffalo, New York, area danscompany is committed to contributing to and enhancing the cultural capital and cultural ecosystem of Buffalo and Western New York serving as an institutional voice for professional dance.  


area danscompany values measured and forward-thinking approaches including, but not exclusive to exploration and experimentation that produce insight and provoke thought resulting in both positive-failure and measureable outcomes. With that, area danscompany embraces and adopts, designs and implements strategies and platforms that serve to advance the dance form both organizationally and artistically.


area danscompany values the human capital that is the lifeblood of any organization.  area danscompany recognizes the consequence of passionate and talented individuals and teams who give agency to realizing and advancing the area danscompany mission.  As such, and as endorsed by its governing bodies, area danscompany is aligned with an culture that addresses the right of workers to earn a living wage as defined by a determined and consensual set of criteria.